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Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
(Matthews 5:7)

The devotional practices revealed through Saint Faustina were given to us as "vessels of mercy" through which God's love can be poured out upon the world, but we must also show mercy to others. Put mercy into practice is not an option of the Divine Mercy Devotion; it's a requirement! …Jesus speaks strongly about this to Saint Faustina: “I demand from you actions of mercy which are to arise out of love for Me. You must show mercy to others always and everywhere. You cannot stop or excuse or absolve (Diary, 742).

Our Lord himself proposes three ways to do mercy and He asks us thru St. Faustina: I give you three ways of doing mercy to others; the first one is actions, the second words and the third prayers. In this three forms is contained the fullness of mercy and that is an irrefutable testimony of love for Me. (Diary, 742). St. Faustina learned that when she was doing the devotional practices of mercy, who really was serving was Jesus mercy our savor: "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the last of them, you did it to me" (Mt 25: 35-40).

The Apostolic Roman Catholic Church proposes us to practice the The Corporal and spiritual Deeds of Mercy”.

The Corporal deeds of Mercy:

1.- To Feed the Hungry

2.- To Give Drink To The Thirsty

3.- To Clothe The Naked

4.- To Shelter The Homeless

5.- Visiting The Sick

6.- Visiting The Imprisoned

7.- To Bury The Dead

The Spiritual deeds of Mercy:

1.- Admonish sinners

2.- Instruct the ignorant

3.- Counsel the doubtful

4.- Comfort the afflicted

5.- Patiently endure the mistakes of others

6.- Forgive offenses

7.- Pray for the living and the dead

One of the greatest mercy deeds we can do is to pray for the dying . To St. Faustina, this was an important aspect of her mission of mercy. : Jesus emphasized the importance: "...Pray, as much as you can, for the dying. By your entreaties, implores for them trust in My mercy, because they are the one who most need the confidence, those who have a little. You should know that the grace of eternal salvation for some souls in their final moment depends on you prayer.." (Diary, 1777)

In particular, Jesus recommend to Saint Faustina to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet to help the Dying. : I will defend as My own glory every soul that says this chaplet at the hour of death, or when others pray it beside a dying person, who will get the same forgiveness.(Diary, 811).

Alone with prayer for the Dying, another great deeds of Mercy is to Pray for the souls. Jesus encouraged to Saint Faustina to remember the souls who are in purgatory, Come in purgatory often, because they need you there(Diary, 1738).

Let’s make our Holy faustina
's Words: My Jesus, make my heart like Your merciful Heart. Jesus, help me to go through life doing good to everyone(Diary 692) so, for increasingly mercy people, and there are a few who feel pity for the brother in misfortune are even less are those who wants to share with the less fortunate what God has generously gave them.